Passion Project: modern calligraphy writing for a wedding invitation

Modern calligraphy writing has piqued my interest ever since I stumbled upon The Postman’s Knock and her free worksheets. I think it’s not unusual for me to be drawn to calligraphy since I work with fonts and lettering almost everyday.

Three months ago, a friend asked me to create a simple calligraphy wedding invitation for her wedding. I was so excited that I started working on it right away after we talked about her design preferences.

handwritten modern calligraphy writing, custom invitation

I got my calligraphy paraphernalia out and created some drafts using a Joseph Gillot 404 nib and walnut ink. The line drawings were created using my trusty Uni Pin Pen. After digitizing the words and illustrations, I put them together using Affinity Photo. A sans serif font was used for the event details and names of the wedding entourage.

Having a passion project in the form of calligraphy (and watercolor painting) is important for me. I get to disconnect from the digital world and create letterforms in an old-school way. Of course, my stress relieving calligraphy session won’t be complete without a cup of coffee or tea 😉

Have you found your passion project?

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