The 100 Day Project 2016

I’m participating in the 100 Day Project, an initiative by Elle Luna, that celebrates the process of making. The goal is to select an action and show up everyday for 100 days to do that action. It can be anything like painting, drawing, writing, crocheting, traveling, lettering, calligraphy… the list goes on.

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How to join The 100 Day Project

1. Choose an action
I will be painting in monochrome using watercolors. I want to improve my painting skills and I thought what better way to do that than to start with color value studies. Each piece will be painted on a 4×4 inches of 300gsm watercolor paper. I’ll be following the ROYGBIV sequence in selecting what color to use.

2. Start
The project will start on April 19th and ends on July 27th. Of course you can start anytime and finish at your own pace like what I’m doing with my #100daysofletteringbyKL, which I’m really behind schedule! I started last year but I haven’t finished it yet 🙁

3. Share
You need to come up with a unique hashtag for your project and share it on Instagram. My unique hashtag is #100daysofwatercolorbyKL but you can also find my works under the hashtags: #100daysofmonochromaticpainting and #100daysofwatercolor

Day 1 of 100

Are you participating in the 100 day project?
Let’s connect on Instagram (@karenlosanes)

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