14 free calligraphy fonts to add a hand lettered touch to your designs

Custom type is awesome but if you don’t have the time to create your own, these free calligraphy fonts are the next best thing!

Hand lettered type has become a recurring element in my past design projects. As much as I love to use brush pens and pointed nibs in all client work, I don’t suggest the handmade route when faced with time and budget constraints. So, I’ve round up these fonts for reference… Read more

planner layout

Planner Layout – The Choices Notebook

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kimberly of FiftyJewels.com, a blogger and professional illustrator based in the US. I was very excited to start working on this project not just because it’s my first time to create a planner but also because I felt that the client was truly passionate about the project. Read more

Top 3 high quality free stock photo sites

As a graphic designer and blogger, I use my own photos as much as I can. I enjoy photography but sometimes setting up a scene, composing a shot and post-editing take too much time. When I don’t have the time, resources and subject, I turn to high quality free stock photo sites that feature images licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), a “do whatever you want” license that allows personal and commercial use. Read more