Passion Project: modern calligraphy writing for a wedding invitation

Modern calligraphy writing has piqued my interest ever since I stumbled upon The Postman’s Knock and her free worksheets. I think it’s not unusual for me to be drawn to calligraphy since I work with fonts and lettering almost everyday.

Three months ago, a friend asked me to create a simple calligraphy wedding invitation for her wedding. I was so excited that I started working on it right away after we talked about her design preferences. Read more

planner layout

Planner Layout – The Choices Notebook

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kimberly of, a blogger and professional illustrator based in the US. I was very excited to start working on this project not just because it’s my first time to create a planner but also because I felt that the client was truly passionate about the project. Read more

eBook Design – smoothies, soups and supplement list

These three ebook designs are among the numerous design projects I’ve completed for a long-time client. She’s a certified holistic health coach from Australia who helps women with food intolerances, drug inflammation and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve been providing ongoing support for graphic design, WordPress website management and other administrative tasks since February 2014. Read more