Quick Guide: Format an ebook for Smashwords

Save yourself from going through more than 100 pages of style guide, here’s a quick guide to format an ebook for Smashwords with a simple style using block paragraphs, section headings, table of contents and images. Read more

How to add social media icons to your WordPress sidebar + FREE watercolor social media icon pack


There’s no denying that social networking plays a crucial role in blogging success. Having social media icons on your blog or website allows your readers to easily find and follow you. One way to prominently display these icons is by adding it to the sidebar.

In WordPress, you can add links to your social media accounts using a plugin. Many themes also have built-in feature for this but if you want to use a custom icon here’s a short and easy tutorial to do that. Read more

how to digitize calligraphy

How to digitize calligraphy using Photoshop and Illustrator

I’m on a calligraphy binge.

It’s been only three days since I bought a straight holder, ink and nibs, and I can’t get enough of  writing my heart away and watching/reading tutorials online. I found this guide to modern calligraphy (with free worksheets!) and this video on common problems with nibs most helpful for a beginner like me.

After doing basic drills, I write a quote from a book (or from Google search or Pinterest ha!), a line from a song, or any random words and phrases.

Being a graphic designer, I can’t wait to incorporate the beautiful, intricate things created through calligraphy to my works. Ideas are overflowing. I digitized the image above and came up with this… Read more