8 easy changes you can do to improve your blog design

This guide is for bloggers who use WordPress. You don’t need to have any coding skills but you need to be familiar with your WordPress dashboard and theme customization options.

Set aside 15-30 minutes each day to do each changes. In eight days (or even less), you’ll be able makeover your blog by applying these free and easy blog design tips. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s start the blog makeover!
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How to blog consistently using a blog planner

Blogging requires planning. It’s not just about delivering content. You need to be consistent with the type of content as well as the time of delivery of your posts. It helps build trust among your readers, hence, one of the most repeated blogging tips is to blog consistently.

This year I’ve listed blogging consistently as one my personal goals. To help me slay this goal, I created a blog planner that comes with a monthly editorial calendar, post planner, blog statistics, idea list and a finances tracker.

I decided to make a free printable version for other small businesses or individuals who are just starting their blogging journey. Yay! Read more