Passion Project: modern calligraphy writing for a wedding invitation

Modern calligraphy writing has piqued my interest ever since I stumbled upon The Postman’s Knock and her free worksheets. I think it’s not unusual for me to be drawn to calligraphy since I work with fonts and lettering almost everyday.

Three months ago, a friend asked me to create a simple calligraphy wedding invitation for her wedding. I was so excited that I started working on it right away after we talked about her design preferences. Read more

how to digitize calligraphy

How to digitize calligraphy using Photoshop and Illustrator

I’m on a calligraphy binge.

It’s been only three days since I bought a straight holder, ink and nibs, and I can’t get enough of  writing my heart away and watching/reading tutorials online. I found this guide to modern calligraphy (with free worksheets!) and this video on common problems with nibs most helpful for a beginner like me.

After doing basic drills, I write a quote from a book (or from Google search or Pinterest ha!), a line from a song, or any random words and phrases.

Being a graphic designer, I can’t wait to incorporate the beautiful, intricate things created through calligraphy to my works. Ideas are overflowing. I digitized the image above and came up with this… Read more