Successfully integrate your brand’s visual identity on Facebook

What is a visual identity?

Your visual identity or visual language is a collection of visual devices that communicate your brand.  It is more than just a logo placed in your blog’s header. These visual cues may include your use of imagery, fonts, textures, patterns, color and logo.


A cohesive visual identity design across social media platforms (and other digital and printed collateral) increases audience awareness and recognition of your brand.

The key to successfully implement your visual identity system is consistency.

Try to put your social media graphics side by side. Do they look like they came from a single brand?

Implement your visual identity on Facebook

With 1.04 billion daily active users, Facebook grabs the title of the most popular and biggest social network in terms of active use. As a blogger or entrepreneur, you can use the biggest social network to engage with your fans by hosting contests and giveaways, starting discussions, sharing industry news and posting a bit (20%) about your products or services.

Here are the aspects of your Facebook Page that you can customize to integrate your brand’s visual identity: Read more