14 free calligraphy fonts to add a hand lettered touch to your designs

Custom type is awesome but if you don’t have the time to create your own, these free calligraphy fonts are the next best thing!

Hand lettered type has become a recurring element in my past design projects. As much as I love to use brush pens and pointed nibs in all client work, I don’t suggest the handmade route when faced with time and budget constraints. So, I’ve round up these fonts for reference… Read more

How to add social media icons to your WordPress sidebar + FREE watercolor social media icon pack


There’s no denying that social networking plays a crucial role in blogging success. Having social media icons on your blog or website allows your readers to easily find and follow you. One way to prominently display these icons is by adding it to the sidebar.

In WordPress, you can add links to your social media accounts using a plugin. Many themes also have built-in feature for this but if you want to use a custom icon here’s a short and easy tutorial to do that. Read more