The 100 Day Project 2016

I’m participating in the 100 Day Project, an initiative by Elle Luna, that celebrates the process of making. The goal is to select an action and show up everyday for 100 days to do that action. It can be anything like painting, drawing, writing, crocheting, traveling, lettering, calligraphy… the list goes on.

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How to join The 100 Day Project

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8 Watercolor painting supplies for beginners

Brush lettering using watercolors sparked my interest when I started learning pointed pen calligraphy. A few dabbing of paint here and there made me curious to know more about this water-based media.

I bought some cheap materials despite the recommendations of most artists to get the high quality ones. They say that it’s a waste of money and frustrating to use. I’m justing testing the waters so I thought cheap materials are okay. It has been three months since I started and yes, I can say that it was a good decision. Here’s a list of the watercolor supplies that I use. Read more